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the best ice-cream!

Go to Place Rosetti in the Old Town. It’s a lovely square with the beautiful church of Sainte Réparate on one side and several cafés and restaurants with outdoor and indoor seating.  Here you’ll find Fenocchio with its display of amazing ice-creams.

Fenocchio definitely has the best ice-cream in Nice! It’s my daughter’s favourite and she took these photos before she joined the queue. It’s probably a good idea to spend some time checking out all the flavours so that you have your (difficult) choice ready to go.

Nice April 2013 039My particular favourite  is réglisse (liquorice) though I’m the only one in our family to like this…which means I don’t have to share it… My husband loves vervaine which is a delicate green colour and usually adds lavande and rose to blend well visually.  My son is the most adventurous and is the one who went for the cactus option (fortunately not prickly), whereas my daughter found specculos, which we were all very pleased to discover, as it’s a spectacularly delicious ice-cream version of those little biscuits which often come with a coffee and which we love.

Nice April 2013 010I wonder what you will choose? Are you going for a cone or a little pot and how many scoops? Will you have sorbet or ice-cream? What about colour preferences…will you choose pastels such as violette, melon and rose (a beautiful combination visually and gustatorily – (if that’s a word?), or go for the more outlandish flavours of cactus, bière and olive? Do let me know your choices!


beautiful tomatoes!

I love these beautiful tomatoes – they look so pretty sliced across the middle – and taste delicious sprinkled with salt, freshly ground black pepper, a generous splash of olive oil and some basil leaves…heaven on a plate…just add a crunchy baguette and you have the perfect lunch

What’s your favourite simple lunch?

Breakfast on the beach

So many beach bars and restaurants to choose from for a hedonistic breakfast on the beach! Of course the easiest solution could be to pick up a croissant or baguette from your boulangerie on your way down and sit on the pebbles as near to the waves and sound of the sea as possible.

However for comfort and a touch of luxury my favourite place recently has to be Hi Beach, found just west of Boulevard Gambetta. With the stylish loungers and parasols matching the turquoise of the sea this is a beautiful place to relax.

au bon pain

Which boulangerie??

With so many mouthwatering boulangeries to choose from this is a difficult decision. One I know well, and my favourite in the Gambetta area for a breakfast choice, is Au Bon Pain a lovely boulangerie on Rue St Philippe just south of Rue Dante. Join the queue there for a wide and appetising range of sweet and savoury delights. It’s closed on Sunday afternoons and all day Monday – so that’s the time to try La Fragola on Rue Dante which is my very close second choice.

In the centre near the pedestrian zone you used to be able to find the soft green exterior of boulangerie Multari opposite Place Magenta on Rue de la Liberté at the intersection with Rue Alphonse Karr and Rue de Longchamp where you would be spoilt for choice among the amazing selection of breads and pastries.

however this lovely boulangerie has moved which surprised me greatly on a recent visit to Nice! You’ll find it now on Rue Maccarani which runs between Place Grimaldi and Rue Massena. It’s a smaller shop but still has a yummy range of delicacies! Here it is …

Nice 074

One final unmissable patissier is La Lorraine at the corner of Rue Déroulède and Alphonse Karr – so many amazing cakes and confections to choose from…and return for…

Let me know if you have tried any of these boulangeries – and do share your own favourites!