Jardin Alsace-Lorraine

When we were searching for the apartment we eventually bought we stayed in Nice on many occasions and in a large number of holiday rentals. On looking through the various descriptions we kept coming across the words “close to the Alsace-Lorraine Gardens” and we wondered what could be so special about these gardens. Eventually we went to have a look and discovered a friendly oasis on Boulevard Gambetta, which people who live nearby obviously love. There are plenty of benches but many of the locals bring their own folding chairs and book or newspaper to enjoy while they relax in the beautiful surroundings of the gardens.

Nice April 2013 003

As most of the inhabitants of Nice live in flats and have little outside space the gardens provide a welcome place to meet up and chat with friends or have a rest in the middle of a shopping trip. Some bring their dog (there is a special doggy loo tucked away by one of the entrances) or take their children to the play area.

Nice April 2013 001


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