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describing Nice

The colours of Nice are the terracotta, yellow ochre and olive green of the buildings and the turquoise and azure blue of the sea

The smells of Nice are garlic, fresh herbs, fish, daube, cheese, coffee, newly baked baguettes …

The sounds of Nice are the rush of the waves over the pebbles, the friendly voices of the people, the mixture of languages and the niçois  accent.


first impressions of france

When I was about 7 years old I went to Paris with my parents. We were in the Tuilerie Gardens and I wanted to go to the loo (though not very impressed with the stand-astride-a-big-hole 0nes which were common then). We asked a man where the nearest one was and he shrugged (gallicly) and said there were none! I must have looked desperate because he rooted around in his pocket and drew out a cork which he handed over to us with much laughter…