Breakfast on the beach

So many beach bars and restaurants to choose from for a hedonistic breakfast on the beach! Of course the easiest solution could be to pick up a croissant or baguette from your boulangerie on your way down and sit on the pebbles as near to the waves and sound of the sea as possible.

However for comfort and a touch of luxury my favourite place recently has to be Hi Beach, found just west of Boulevard Gambetta. With the stylish loungers and parasols matching the turquoise of the sea this is a beautiful place to relax.


3 responses to “Breakfast on the beach

  1. What a beautiful place to have breakfast, love the colour scheme, lucky you!

  2. it really was magical – and yummy too!

  3. The hotel Hi has closed down now and so look out for the other great beach restaurants – such as Neptune Plage and the beautiful Beau Rivage!

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