the best ice-cream!

Go to Place Rosetti in the Old Town. It’s a lovely square with the beautiful church of Sainte Réparate on one side and several cafés and restaurants with outdoor and indoor seating.  Here you’ll find Fenocchio with its display of amazing ice-creams.

Fenocchio definitely has the best ice-cream in Nice! It’s my daughter’s favourite and she took these photos before she joined the queue. It’s probably a good idea to spend some time checking out all the flavours so that you have your (difficult) choice ready to go.

Nice April 2013 039My particular favourite  is réglisse (liquorice) though I’m the only one in our family to like this…which means I don’t have to share it… My husband loves vervaine which is a delicate green colour and usually adds lavande and rose to blend well visually.  My son is the most adventurous and is the one who went for the cactus option (fortunately not prickly), whereas my daughter found specculos, which we were all very pleased to discover, as it’s a spectacularly delicious ice-cream version of those little biscuits which often come with a coffee and which we love.

Nice April 2013 010I wonder what you will choose? Are you going for a cone or a little pot and how many scoops? Will you have sorbet or ice-cream? What about colour preferences…will you choose pastels such as violette, melon and rose (a beautiful combination visually and gustatorily – (if that’s a word?), or go for the more outlandish flavours of cactus, bière and olive? Do let me know your choices!


2 responses to “the best ice-cream!

  1. I love the combination of rose, violette and vervaine!

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