Clouds in la Promenade du Paillon

When I was in Nice recently I spent a lot of time wandering in the beautiful “coulée verte” which the Paillon has become.

It just makes you smile to be there and everyone, young and old, seems to be relaxed and enjoying the space. There are lots of fun things to experience, such as the clouds which suddenly arise from one of the paved areas in the grass…

Nice 030

children and adults alike run into it and disappear for a moment!

Nice 027You come out slightly damper than when you went in – very refreshing on a hot day!

Nice 031I’d love to know if you’ve been there and what you thought of it!




2 responses to “Clouds in la Promenade du Paillon

  1. It’s a great space and was packed with people of all ages when we visited – children particularly love the ‘clouds’, which is a lovely way to describe them!

  2. Glad to hear you loved the “clouds” too!

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