the green river

Nice is well known for its excellent transport system. It’s easy and cheap to get around the city by bus or tram. Going east along the coast many people choose the bus as you have the benefit of the wonderful views of the sea and coastline. Travelling west the train can be the best option for speed, yet also travels close to the sea for quite a stretch.

The bus station (Gare Routière) was the best place to pick up the ligne d’azur buses which took passengers out of Nice. However in the middle of 2012 plans for the improvement of Nice’s centre began and the ugly but useful building was pulled down amidst much rubble and dust. What would come in its place?

Well take a look at this film on youtube and watch the history of the Paillon and the new and beautiful green space, la coulèe verte, which has appeared … the chaos and dust were well worth it as you will see


2 responses to “the green river

  1. Although it’s inconvenient that the gare routiere has gone, what has replaced it is excellent!

  2. I agree, it’s so much better!

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