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the Cours Saleya in photos

I love to wander along the  Cours Saleya in the old town among the stalls filled with flowers and local fruit and vegetables. On Mondays you’ll discover bric-a-brac and antique stalls instead – where you can find such useful items as glass droplets for your chandeliers! With the backdrop of the Colline du Chateau it’s a lovely place to enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants which line the open space.

the best ice-cream!

Go to Place Rosetti in the Old Town. It’s a lovely square with the beautiful church of Sainte Réparate on one side and several cafés and restaurants with outdoor and indoor seating.  Here you’ll find Fenocchio with its display of amazing ice-creams.

Fenocchio definitely has the best ice-cream in Nice! It’s my daughter’s favourite and she took these photos before she joined the queue. It’s probably a good idea to spend some time checking out all the flavours so that you have your (difficult) choice ready to go.

Nice April 2013 039My particular favourite  is réglisse (liquorice) though I’m the only one in our family to like this…which means I don’t have to share it… My husband loves vervaine which is a delicate green colour and usually adds lavande and rose to blend well visually.  My son is the most adventurous and is the one who went for the cactus option (fortunately not prickly), whereas my daughter found specculos, which we were all very pleased to discover, as it’s a spectacularly delicious ice-cream version of those little biscuits which often come with a coffee and which we love.

Nice April 2013 010I wonder what you will choose? Are you going for a cone or a little pot and how many scoops? Will you have sorbet or ice-cream? What about colour preferences…will you choose pastels such as violette, melon and rose (a beautiful combination visually and gustatorily – (if that’s a word?), or go for the more outlandish flavours of cactus, bière and olive? Do let me know your choices!

view from a hill

From the Colline du Chateau, which rises above the easterly end of the Cours Saleya you can gaze down on Nice in a 360 degree arc. To the west the rooftops of the old town and the curve of the Baie des Anges are spread out below you.


Looking east from the Colline you have a brilliant view of the harbour and the spectacular boats tied up there – which one would you choose for your sea-trip? More realistically you could take a cruise to Corsica on one of the yellow striped ferries!

Breakfast on the beach

So many beach bars and restaurants to choose from for a hedonistic breakfast on the beach! Of course the easiest solution could be to pick up a croissant or baguette from your boulangerie on your way down and sit on the pebbles as near to the waves and sound of the sea as possible.

However for comfort and a touch of luxury my favourite place recently has to be Hi Beach, found just west of Boulevard Gambetta. With the stylish loungers and parasols matching the turquoise of the sea this is a beautiful place to relax.

What to do if it’s wet…

Yes, it sometimes rains in Nice…

One of my favourite places for a wet afternoon is the Rialto cinema on Rue de Rivoli

And I have to admit that the reason I prefer this cinema to all the other brilliant cinemas in Nice is because it’s nearest to our apartment so I don’t get so wet going there…and because they have films in the orignal language –  Version Originale or VO. These are latest releases not some ancient old dusty ones! It’s a very comfortable popular cinema with several screens.

Find a list here of all Nice’s cinemas with up-to-date information of the films currently being shown:

Nice Airport

One of the great things about Nice is how close the airport is to the city – just a 15 – 20 minute bus ride direct into the centre along the palm-tree-lined Promenade des Anglais.

On your flight out of Nice the airport is a pleasant place to await your flight.  If you have time before going through security go along to the upper level by the KLM desk and go up the very long escalator (or in the lift) to the top floor where you’ll find several cafes and a bar – with a wonderful view of the arriving and departing planes.



What a great game! I love pétanque and Nice is a brilliant place to watch groups of players in parks – among the olive trees in Cimiez for example – where you’ll find games in progress most afternoons.

You’ll also find clubs and open pistes dotted around the town, on the sea-front near the airport, on the slopes of the Colline du Chateau and in the Vieille Ville. You can see some of the clubs in Nice here

Check out to see photos from the recent massive petanque competition held in Nice.

Who loves pétanque?